About me

music composerNicolas Robin

I am music composer, arranger and sound engineer. I specialise in advert compositions (TV, web, radio …) and sound identity design. Immersed in the world of new music for over 20 years, I love playing with melodies and sounds to create new musical universes. You can find here some of my work.

I’m from Lille in the North of France and I have lived and worked in Paris for 10 years. My first introduction to music was at the age of 5 years on the family piano. I quickly progressed to electronic music. I then embarked on a Production Assistant course at the SAE for 6 months and the Sound  Engineer training for 2 years. I began working in a studio in Paris (StudioTime) while still working as a production manager and a freelance composer.

Some references of my musical creation are : Nivea – Findus – Promovacances – Samsung – Decathlon – KitKat – Nestlé Grand Chocolat – Nesquik – Hydralin – Soupline – Mazda …

I also run a band with two singers « Toxic Mixture ». You can listen 2 first tracks « The Run » and « Your Lies » here : http://toxicmixture.com

So for all you musical needs, I’m available!


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